Anyone out there get my really silly joke? You’ll have to know Darren Aronofsky’s filmography to get it. Everyone once in a while, I like to tell a joke where no one will dare to go. Mainly because it’s not funny. Hopefully some of you got it. Just check out his filmography and hopefully you’ll get it. Now on to the other subject…”mother!” First off, I’m sort of a casual fan of Aronofsky. I really liked a few of his films and a few I was left cold. “mother!” intrigued me. Especially when it seems like you either loved it or hated it. I was in the mood for something very strange. Well it delivered. I would say the first hour and thirty minutes I was on board. Disturbing, engrossing and confusing. It was all of that. Then it seemed to go into overdrive. It was so chaotic, I felt like I was being hit over the head with a shovel. I was so uncomfortable I was almost ready to walk out. I wanted to see it to the end. When it finally ended, I was so lost and confused. My wife and I were just numb. So when we got home, I looked up reviews on the internet. Some were how I viewed the film. Some tried to explain it. Then I read a small review from just a movie fan. It was a very profound take on it. I have no idea if it’s the RIGHT take on it, but looking at the film in that way, it made so much sense. I look at the last thirty minutes totally different now. I’d like to watch it again with that review in mind. That being said, I can only recommend this film to the most open minded film goers out there. “mother!” is a very hard viewing experience. I’m not saying it worked, but I can understand why some people loved it and why some hate it.