Let’s get to the important film first, “Wind River”. Outstanding. Everything about it was just perfect. Taylor Sheridan, who wrote “Sicario” and one of my favorite films of last year “Hell or High Water”, wrote and directed it. This was only his second time directing. Really well done. I’m really looking forward to see more of his work. Now the second movie that plays an important key to the comic is “Cliffhanger”. Yes I said “Cliffhanger”. For some reason I really like this movie. I know it’s kind of far fetched. I know it stars Sylvester Stallone. I can’t help it. It’s terrific mindless entertainment. It’s no masterpiece. But it’s a great guilty pleasure. Plus it has snow. Tons of snow. I am a sucker for snow movies. Enough about that, do yourself a favor and go see “Wind River”.