Another Baltimore Comic-Con in the books! This was my favorite of the three I have done. Met a lot of new people, caught up with some old friends and met a few people I have admired over the years. First off you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by my booth and giving me a chance to tell you about my comic. I had a blast. You guys signed up for weekly updates and for that I thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on the comic. Again thanks!

Now this weeks comic. As you read above I got to meet Joel and Rob. Two super cool gentlemen. I have been a major fan of their work for years. First off Joel Hodgson. creator and star of Mystery Science Theater 3000. One of the best written shows I have ever watched. Funny, smart and with references from the most crazy places. I’m sure most of you have seen it. If not, go seek it out! Next up Rob Harrell creator and artist of one of my favorite comic strips, Big Top. It is not in syndication any more but you can read it at Currently he does the syndicated comic Adam@Home. Great stuff. Please check it out!

Finally the last panel. The ones that know MST3K, recognize that silhouette. I tweaked it a bit to include Dusty and Wink from the comic Big Top. Hope you got a kick out of it.

Thanks for checking out the comic. Really looking forward to doing more adventures of James, Jim and Cool Hand Luke. Later!