When I first saw Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” in 1979 it immediately became my favorite film of his. I’ve always loved black and white films but for some reason the “look” of this amazed me. I have always paid attention to actors, writers and directors, but because of that film, I added director of photography to the list. After that I noticed his name on a lot of my favorite Woody Allen films: “Stardust Memeories”, “Broadway Danny Rose”, “Annie Hall” and “Zelig”. Of course he made other films, “the Godfather” trilogy plus my favorite musical of all time – “Pennies from Heaven”. As for the title of this comic, I found out after his death a fellow cinematographer Conrad L. Hall (other of my favs!) nicknamed him “The Prince of Darkness” for his use of shadows and underexposed film. Gordon Willis left an amazing legacy and he will be missed.